Angry Emotions – Harnessing Yours

Anger is the most powerful energy you have when used wisely. Angry emotions can also be destructive.Angry Emotions Pointing Finger

Do your angry emotions control you? Do any of your feelings control you? You can use the power of your angry emotions intelligently, run away from them, or let them control you.

Fear is also a powerful energy, and can stop you from revealing your angry emotions.

Anger can be a conscious feeling, and it can be a subconscious feeling. You will know this because of angry people you’ve interacted with who do not accept they are irate, even when it’s written all over their face or in their voice.

Note: All the articles on this website are to give you food for thought. Everybody is unique and how to deal with your emotions is a personal thing. I don’t know your answers to life, but I can share the knowledge I’ve picked up on my journey and my experiences. I recommend everybody allocates some time to understand who they are and how they interact with life. When you do, your confidence and your relationship with life improves dramatically.

A Personal Experience with Angry Emotions

In 1947 at two years old, I was used to being bullied physically and mentally by my bigger and older brother. My father was never home, and both parents ignored the treatment given me by my brother. My mother always told me how she loved her first son from a previous marriage and what a nuisance I was. At six months, I was in kindergarten before being sent to boarding school at two for more bullying. This period caused issues that I’ve lived with and worked on resolving ever since.

I believe I subconsciously started creating a protective barrier during boarding school. Nobody was ever going to get close to me because I believe my brain decided it was unsafe.

I’d had enough of the bullying and to protect myself, I developed the ability to use my anger in a ferocious temper tantrum. I went berserk to defend myself.  I could have killed my brother except he was too big for me. It was enough to keep him off me physically. My mother didn’t protect me and used to say don’t be ridiculous. Your brother isn’t like that.

I was frightened by my own anger. It can still be brought out when necessary but not often because I didn’t believe it was a pleasant look.

Since then, I have learned my angry emotions can be used wisely and create motivation.


Angry Emotions - FrustrationLook up emotions, and you will get over 800 million results. You will learn there are anything from 6 basic emotions up to 50 and more. It’s useful to read some of the responses but don’t get hooked just because you relate to it. Test everything out.

The best person to identify your emotions is you. A good start is to ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?” Then write it down. Keep doing this regularly and analyse the results every so often.

Get beyond okay, nice, fine, etc. Try to be more specific. Next, look at your list and learn from it. I can’t tell you what to look for because this is up to you. You could ask people to verify what you notice or how they experience you. You can even ask me a question through this website.

I can give you food for thought or ask questions, but I can’t tell you what will work for you because I’m not God. Only you can.

This process is a great way to identify and analyse your angry emotions.

Angry Emotions

Everybody has some form of angry emotions. Using the above process, you will learn when they crop up, how they affect you, and what you do when they occur.

If you are serious about understanding yourself more, then use the internet, talk to people, talk to me, and learn as much as you can. The more you recognise your anger, the more comfortable you will be with yourself, and you will learn to use it appropriately.

Angry Emotions and ConflictAngry Emotions Young Boy

Anger is the most common emotion in conflicts but not the only one or cause. When you increase the ability to use your anger wisely, then you can work through disagreements without getting over-emotional. You might like to read the article: Strategies for Resolving Conflicts.


Learn to understand how you deal with your anger. There is a lot more I could say about it, but you should make an effort to learn as much about yours as you can.

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