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Communication skills Evaluation

For individuals looking to increase the quality of their communication skills.
Get to the root of communication issues within a team, organization, or family.

  • Ideal for speakers, trainers, and coaches.
  • Anyone who runs Facebook Live Videos, video conferences, or webinars.
  • People ready to appear on TV, Radio, or Podcasts.
  • Anyone preparing to have their communication publicly available.

Conversation Audit

For organizations who are ready for an increase in productivity, commitment, and morale.


  • Ideal for any organization that knows they can achieve more.
  • Virtual teams that rely on email and virtual communication.
  • Organizations looking to increase innovation and decrease turnover.
  • Teams looking to maximize productivity and minimize miscommunications.
Everything in life is obtained through communication. Our services help you discover what’s working and what isn’t. What we say is only half of the equation. How people receive our communication is the half that has all the impact. Discover what people really hear when you speak and the real conversation happening in your organization.


Communication evaluations are ideal for

Public Speakers

Self Employed

People who run meetings

Trainers and Coaches

Sales People

People who struggle to speak up in meetings

Leaders and Managers


People giving presentations

Are you ready to experience more success in

Facebook Live videos


Podcasts & Interviews

One on One Communication



Work with Lance one on one to receive direct feedback. Take your communication to the next level. Lance will review any communication on video, in writing, audio or face to face. He will identify your strengths and areas for improvement, while helping you to create focus and clarity around the message you want to convey.

How does it work? 

SUBMIT YOUR COMMUNICATION. This can be a recorded webinar, call, speech, Facebook Live, written article, email chain, social media post, or any medium that shows you communicating either verbally or in writing.

Secondly, WE EVALUATE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS without initial context to understand your communication without bias.

WE WILL START A CONVERSATION to understand the message you intended to convey in your communication

Finally, WE WILL PROVIDE FEEDBACK on potential opportunities for improvement with a focus on clarity, intention, problem scenarios and anything that detracts from your intended message.

If we cannot provide valuable feedback or opportunities for improvement, your investment will be refunded.

Yes! I’m Ready for a Communication Skills Evaluation!


Conversation audits are ideal for

Self Managed Teams

Identifying Training needs

Goal Driven Organizations

People struggling with communication

Virtual Teams

Identifying issues

Are you ready to experience

Increased Productivity & Innovation

Better Employee Retention

Improved Morale

A Conversation Audit© exposes and identifies the root cause of issues by talking with a cross-section of people within an organisation, in confidence and in casual conversation-style. This generates a significant amount of constructive and insightful information, which is used to develop more effective strategies to resolve things that don’t work. It also highlights any issues within the current work environment. Furthermore, the process is simple and enjoyable and generally promotes enthusiasm and motivation in the organisation with tangible positive results.

Our approach is flexible because a Conversation Audit© can be delivered in a number of ways depending on the size of the organisation. Therefore, our process varies because every group is unique.

When working with organizations with less than 10 people we begin with a one to two hour session with the whole team. Depending on the outcome of this session we will have individual sessions with one or two key individuals, and when necessary four or five randomly selected people.

When working with organisations with 11 or more people we require a minimum of four hours of individual sessions with a small percentage of randomly selected people from different areas of the business.

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