You Always Have Choices

Sometimes people say, they had no choice, but that is a choice. Different options are always available, even in the most challenging circumstances. You have unlimited life choices. Let’s look into what this means.

You Can Take Responsibility or Blame

Everybody has choices at any moment in time throughout their lives. Decisions you make, dictate your outcomes.

You can take responsibility for your life choices and learn, or you can pass blame somewhere else. It’s all up to you.

You always have choices. The worst thing you can do is not making a choice, which ironically is still making a choice.

Once you make your choice, there is no point in moaning about the outcome if it goes wrong because you can’t change that moment in time. You can learn from the experience like a top tennis player.

You Learn from the Outcomes of Your Life Choices

A tennis player has choices every time they play a shot. They learn which are the best percentage shots for them and so next time they make more informed choices at the moment.

Life is a Journey of Life Choices

Life is a journey of doing something or nothing. Nothing doesn’t necessarily mean nothing will happen because something will always happen. It’s one of life’s continuous cycles and never stops.

When you choose to do something, and it doesn’t work, you can curse or try something else. The key is to learn from the experience and make another choice. Failure is not the problem; giving up is.

Let’s say you ask someone out on a date, and they say no. You can try different ways to ask, and they continue to say no. You can persist, or you can realise there are other people to ask rather than stay stuck.

Self Feedback Can Be Harmful

 I was playing golf and this guy kept saying, I am useless, I am useless, I am useless. In the 19th hole (drinks), I took him aside and said, “Are you aware you are programming yourself with your own negative words?” “If you change the words, notice the difference it makes. The next day he scored 6 under his handicap. A huge shift. He listened, and it worked. That’s how powerful feedback can be. I took a risk because most people have a problem with feedback and in this case it was worth it.

Common Sense or Emotional?

Common sense is always available, but it can be lost when emotions are allowed to control us.

Life can be fun moving from one goal to another, especially if you can see the benefit you gain from failure.

You may have many life goals or only one, and you can have an amazing fun-filled, exciting life moving towards your target, even if you never achieve any of them.

People Hang on Longer to Negative Outcomes

Some people may argue that it is easier for people to maintain a negative emotion for much longer, such as sadness, jealousy, or hate, because every time you compare with a past negative experience, the remembered emotion comes to life again.  You rarely experience the same emotional state from a previous positive outcome.

Recall how you felt about your first date or sex the first time. You can keep seeking the same pleasure again, but it is a waste of time because it has passed. You can have more similar experiences but never repeat the same.  It is hard to allow yourself to enjoy new experiences if you keep comparing them to past moments.

Life is not about the goal or the destination!  Life choices are always about the journey!

Some people do nothing even when they have desired goals, and that’s sad. Fear can be a horrible destroyer. Doing nothing should never be an option; otherwise, what’s the point of life.

You Always have Life Choices

You always have life choices, but if you keep trying the same thing, every time you fail, it will hurt because you’ll be banging your head against a brick wall. When you recognise you are the brick wall, then maybe you will realise you have unlimited choices. The possibilities are endless.

We all create expectations either from our experiences or planted on us by other people, including parents, siblings, the larger family, family friends, teachers, and schoolmates.

Choice with Failure – Learn or Cry

When something you expect doesn’t happen, you get upset. A more effective way with expectations is to change them to possibilities. When possibilities don’t work, you still have unlimited options to choose. There is no time to waste being upset. When you fail after one possibility, it becomes a learning experience before you try something else.

So, change your expectations to possibilities and have a positive journey through endless choices. You never know where it might lead you. New experiences are far more exciting than being stuck because you can’t get past one hurdle.

Everybody Deserves the Life they Choose

Everybody should experience a life they want and choose. We all deserve this. Now get on with it and try a possibility knowing that failure is never the end of it. If you have trouble or find it difficult, don’t worry, because there are hundreds of people who love to help people just like you.

Even some of them may not be able to come up with something that will work for you. But there are endless possibilities, and something will eventually come up that moves you forward.

Life Choices – Summary

You have unlimited life choices. You can be responsible for your decisions, or you can blame others because yours didn’t get positive outcomes.

When something doesn’t work out, make a different choice. success is always around the corner.

Be positive because negative keeps you stuck.

Remember, it is the journey that is life!

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