You Are Always Number One

An important key to communication is knowing you naturally put yourself first and you have full responsibility for everything that happens in your life. It is all down to you because you are always number one and it is worth knowing this if you want to increase the effectiveness of your communication.

You come first in everything because you make all the decisions. Some people definitely do not appreciate this, but whatever you do, it is always you making your decisions. Even if someone is pointing a gun at you, the choice you make is still yours. I know this is hard to accept.

Watch interviews in the media and notice how people respond to questions when they are under pressure. It is very revealing about the people. The interviewee always has a choice to answer or not. What you will see, is the majority come up with some answer whether they believe it or not. Further issues can arise when down the line someone asks them about that response. Best to remember you are number one, own it, and always stick to your truth rather than trying to look good.

You Make All Your Choices

When it comes to religion or no religion, it is you who chooses, because you make all your decisions. Yes, there may be a higher power guiding you, but you still make all the choices. Thus, you are responsible for everything in your life and everything that happens to you. While it may be difficult to accept, this is your reality. People have been heard to say that God told them to do something, but they still personally decided to act on what he said.

Everything you choose comes from the position of you are number one in your life, whether you know it or not, which is one of the nuances of effective communication. You do not have a choice because you can only talk for yourself, even when you speak for someone else. Fascinating, is it not?

Accepting Responsibility – You Are Number One

When you agree that you make all your decisions, you can take responsibility for every choice you make. You Are Always Number One. When anything happens to you, you are responsible. When you take responsibility for everything involving you, then you can make choices that move you forward, OR you can allow fear to take over, pride to get in the way, get into blaming, defending your position and so on. You will not change or move forward because you will be stuck. Knowing you come first is a valuable communication key.

Anybody Can Achieve Anything They Choose – Mindset

It does not matter who you are. You can achieve anything you want to. There is nothing to stop you, except you, and the great thing is that there are always people who will help you. Life is something to enjoy and, when it is not enjoyable, do something about it. Yes, YOU! Do something about it. What you do does not matter, as long as it moves you forward. Remember You Are Always Number One, and you do not have a choice about that.

Your understanding of ‘anything’ obviously assumes common sense. For example: if you were born in Somalia, you would never be the US President. There is nothing to stop you trying though.

Accept Who You Are

The first step is accepting who you are and taking responsibility. And remember You Are Number One. Everybody has issues. It is vital that you learn what works and what does not work for you. Never forget what works and learn how to resolve anything that does not work. Wherever you are in your life, there will always be things that do not work. Treat them as opportunities to learn, assuming you do want them to work. This is a great key to communication effectiveness.

I went to a boarding school, have a heart problem from birth and will have to take several tablets, including rat poison, every day for the rest of my life. One day I will need to have metal heart valves installed. SO, WHAT! There is only one choice. Live life and enjoy it!  No point in dwelling on what could have been or “if only.” Focus on what you can make happen.

Since I wrote this, two metal valves have have been installed.


You are number one in your life. Accepting what this means is a powerful key to communication effectiveness. You are entirely responsible for anything that happens in your life. It is important to recognise this is a mindset. If someone says, I will shoot either you or your brother, whatever you choose, you are number one. You make the choice. I know it is difficult to appreciate, but when you do, you will find more freedom.

REMEMBER – You are Number One, the person responsible for your life!

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