YOU! Take Responsibility!

What is Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is all about you. You are accountable for everything that happens in your life. By the end of this article, my goal is for you to understand what personal responsibility means and choose to incorporate it into all your decisions.

Personal Responsibility  – Excludes External Factors

Some people believe this applies to everything. I don’t think this is true. For example, you are walking along the road, and a bird drops its mess on you. You can’t be responsible for that. Saying this, I’ve always wondered why these things usually happen to the same people. Maybe there is something, and it’s beyond my awareness at this time.

The Aim of this Article

This article will stick to what you are responsible for and exclude those external incidents.

Every day, the majority of us interact with other people, such as family, work, friends, shopping, television, radio, etc. You can have a reaction at any time to something heard or seen during these connections.

Sometimes you may laugh, and at other times get angry, sad, cry, or defend and more, depending on what caused it.

When You Get Upset – Be Responsible

Whenever you get upset, take responsibility for your feelings. It doesn’t matter what caused them because you’re always responsible for how you react. You can’t be rational when you’re emotional. That’s how your inner child would have reacted. You’ll be guaranteed to mostly regret it If you react when you are emotional.

Blame isn’t the Answer – Take Personal Responsibility

Blaming the cause of your upset is not a mature response. You know this because sometimes several people may be listening, but you were the only one that got upset. You must take personal responsibility for your reaction.

There are always other choices

At these moments, you have options. You can learn what may have caused you to be upset, or you can make someone else responsible for creating your feeling. Blaming somebody for how you feel is never the answer.

A Simple Philosophy for Life

I say your goal in life is to enjoy your journey. Yes, we all know it’s never plain sailing, but that’s why it can be so exciting. This is how life is.

When you take responsibility, you can begin to investigate what it was that caused you to respond that way. Slowly but surely you will find different ways to react or not even let it affect you the next time. You become a stronger, more confident person.

People are different

There will always be people who have opinions entirely out of alignment to yours. So, what! They’re entitled to theirs as much as you are to yours. The key is to deal with what it is about you that’s causing you to respond poorly.

Take Personal Responsibility

Take responsibility when anybody says or does, something that upsets you. You’re entitled to your feelings, but there’s no point in letting them control your next action. Or wear your emotions for all to see!

What You Can Do – Repeated

Let’s look again at what you can do. You can assimilate what happened and acknowledge your feelings. Next, you can give an adult response if you choose.

Use these opportunities to learn and grow. Every time you do this, you get stronger.

Remember, when someone criticises, judges, shouts at you, teases you, or whatever other reaction they demonstrate, they have the problem, not you. Why would you want to make it your issue as well? If someone says, you’re critical or judgemental. Guess what? They are also critical or judgemental when they say it.

Take personal responsibility for your reactions. There’s no point in blaming others for how you feel.

When You Attack or Defend

When you attack or defend, you may be hiding something. Why do that? It’s better to stop and analyse why it upset you, and once you know the reason, you’ll add another valuable piece of knowledge to your database. You could ask a question, or you could say thank you. Saying thank you is saying I got it. Far better than getting the military out.

There’s no problem with any of the above when you’re rationally choosing how you respond. It’s a problem if you’re hiding or responding like a child. It’s silly to get stuck in your emotions because you miss so many opportunities to learn and expand. The message gets lost. Responses, arguments, and debates have nothing to do with the statement that caused them. Everybody loses while people protect their egos.


Here’s a thought. Every time you catch yourself reacting negatively, STOP! Ask yourself, “What’s going on here? Why am I feeling like this?” Your response may surprise you. Ask a question or read/listen again. Understand the message and your reaction might disappear completely.

Personal responsibility is all about you, so stop blaming anybody else.

Your goal in life is to enjoy your journey.


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