Effective Communication Skills are not about what you say… It’s about what your audience hears.

Can you imagine what a difference it would make to you or your business, if every person understood what you said and what you had to offer?

If a 20 minute consultation call gave you the tools to reach just one more person or make one more sale…

Effective Communication Skills are not just a set of tools…

It is the hand that operates the tool.

The best effective communication skills in the world are only as effective as the hands that operate them. Rather?? you are a manager, speaker, parent, CEO, coach or anyone interacting with people… what you know and the value you provide is dependent on your ability to reach your audience.

Have you ever explained exactly what you wanted from someone, only to have a different result delivered?

Or have you ever explained a new concept to someone and they don’t implement the knowledge into their lives? In short, Communication and You is about improving your effective communication skills to bridge the gap between what your audience hears and what you are trying to convey to them.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

You are in the right place if you…

want to make an impact, but your message doesn’t carry the weight you know it should.

desire to be a more effective leader in life, family, and your career.

people have previously ignored your advice and suffered for it.

sometimes find it too hard to communicate your message or ideas because people struggle to understand them.

find people just don’t “get it” when you explain your ideas to them.

are giving a speech and you want it to impress the audience using your effective communication skills.

Communication Evaluation

For individuals looking to increase the quality of their communications.

Free Consultation

The best entry point for any individual looking to improve their effective communication skills

Conversation Audit

For organizations who are ready for an increase in productivity, commitment, and morale.

Anyone stressed about speaking or communication?

Then turn your perspiration into inspiration with our expert mentorship and begin to experience a new depth of relationships and satisfaction.


What do your children truly hear when you speak to them? What if instead of just listening… they were truly comprehending?

Managers and Team Leaders

Proper communication can prevent costly mistakes or performing unnecessary work. Therefore, how much more could your team accomplish if you were even just 5% more effective?

Coaches and Speakers

The value we are capable of delivering is directly proportional to how well understood your message is. If you can reach even one extra person and change their life… isn’t that worth it?

Lance Beste

Meet Lance Beste

Lance is “The Cheeky Evaluator” who specialises in addressing people’s communication issues and improving their effective communication skills. “It took a while to warm to Lance. And when I did he helped someone motivate himself who thought he needed no help.”

He spent 20 years in the computer industry across three continents, working with diverse cultures. He was responsible for IT with one of New Zealand’s largest organizations.

Lance has more than 30 years’ experience successfully coaching, mentoring, facilitating and teambuilding for a wide range of clients. From individuals and small businesses to major international organizations.

In addition, he invented Attitude Express©, a gamified tool that promotes open communication and identifies issues in the workplace in a constructive and non-confrontation way.

Moreover, he has been facilitating two workshops, “Communicate and Be Heard” and “Break Through Your Communication Barriers” for 15 years with amazing evaluation scores.

Directors have been shocked by what Lance learns from a 2-hour conversation with their people.

I would recommend Lance to anybody who wants to work on their effective communication skills. A day was almost too short to gain a thorough understanding of the breadth and depth of Lance’s knowledge and experience.

Lance believes everybody is unique and can improve their life through communication.

If a 20 minute consultation call gave you the tools to reach just one more person…
-Would you pick up the phone?

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