What is Your Life Purpose?

Do You have a Life Purpose?

Do you know your ultimate life purpose? What is or was your dream? Are you actively travelling towards that chosen outcome? We all have something that is consciously (or more likely subconsciously) driving us. Something that’s behind all the decisions we make. Some people say that survival is the only purpose for many of us. That is, we do (consciously or subconsciously) whatever it takes just to survive, whether we appreciate this or not.

Do You Realise You Are Robotic?

People also say we are like robots because we behave in the way we have always behaved. We may change when something dramatic impacts our life (this might last a short term or long term), but we’ll generally revert to our old behaviours.

Every Entity needs a Life Purpose

Every organisation, group, team or individual needs a purpose, something that moves them forward. A goal of life is what motivates actions which move us towards our desired outcomes. Otherwise, why do any of us exist because we would be standing still, treading water without a purpose?

What is a Life Purpose?

The purpose of life is like a motive in a crime. The police need to know the reason to solve a crime. What police look for is means, motive and opportunity. That is, the ability to commit the crime, a reason for doing it and proof you couldn’t have (an alibi).

Everything you need is available to create your life!

You have everything you need to create a purpose. We all have motives because everybody wants something, whether consciously or subconsciously. You always have the opportunity, and you’re the only person who can create your purpose. Do not confuse this with work where you have an obligation or prison where you have no responsibility. We are talking about your life purpose which sits above every other objective. The same applies to a group or organisation, except that other people often create the group’s goals. Warning: Groups or individuals in a group who haven’t bought into a specific purpose can often end up derailing it.

Your Life Purpose drives everything

Your purpose directs everything in your life. Once you have a clear purpose, you can make decisions that maintain your path towards that purpose. It doesn’t mean you’ll achieve it, but you can make decisions that will keep moving you in the right direction. Again, the same applies to a group or organisation.

If you have no purpose, you’re probably wandering aimlessly through a life dictated by surrounding circumstances. You’d be amazed at how many people and organisations are in this state! They’re doing what they do because that’s what they have always done.

Where to Begin?

The place to begin is with you or with a group you are part of. Learn to understand more about yourself as an individual or yourself as a group. You have all the information you need, so you must examine your current and past outcomes. What did you do? What decisions did you make in the past and what were the results?

How did others react to you, and how did you respond to them? Can you remember times when you went against your natural feelings? How long ago was it, and what happened? When, and in what, did you fail? There are so many ways to look at how you got to where you are today.

The more you understand yourself, the more possibilities you have of creating a clear purpose and putting yourself on a path towards it. When you have a primary goal, you can then work out how to achieve it. Once you have started, you continuously review the process because, at every point in time, you can identify where you are now in relation to your destination. When you have this data, you have the information that can drive your next steps and so on.


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A Life Purpose gives You more Control

Following your primary goal gives you more control of your life instead of merely living like a robot. It sounds easy, and many people have undoubtedly worked through this kind of process in their lives, but it is not, because many fail for all sorts of reasons. It takes patience and time. You can’t do it alone, but the good news is that the internet has tons of helpful information available for free.

If you are an individual, organisation, group, or team, examine your current status. Look at how you perform now and consider what the possibilities are because it’s impossible to stand still. Beware of going backwards because your group could disappear like many before you. There are always things happening around you that impact what you do. You have no control over this. But you have control of what you do, and it’s far better to have control of your future, instead of letting life drive you. Start learning what drives you by examining yourself or your team.


Knowing your values is just as crucial as your purpose. If you, as an individual, organisation, team or group don’t have compatible principles as well as objectives, then you’re destined to have problems.


Do you have a life purpose? Or life goals? If not, what is driving you because something always is? Look at how you exist and everything you do daily. You have access to all the information you need to consciously choose a purpose of life and drive your journey yourself towards an extraordinary life of your choice.


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