You Are Always Right

You are always right, is a permanent human characteristic, and yet I can hear most of you saying, “No, I’m not”. Your ability to communicate your message more effectively improves when you fully understand the implication of this principle. With this knowledge you can choose different ways of saying what you want to say and have more impact. Why? Because you begin to appreciate if you’re right then maybe you can accept everybody else believes they are right too.

Accepting you are always right is a difficult concept for people to take and just as hard to explain. I will do my best. Knowing you are always right has nothing to do with ego. It’s a human characteristic, and when we absorb this, we may find we do not need to defend our position so steadfastly.

If you want to be more effective with your communication, then you want to appreciate you are always right in your own mind. If you don’t know or accept this, then you’re about to find out why, and the implications. You will learn what it means to know you are always right. You will learn how incorporating this into your knowledge base leads to more successful outcomes through your communication.

What Being Right Means

You believe everything you say, otherwise, why would you say it.

Let me say that again.

You believe everything you say, otherwise, why would you say it.

Yes, I know some people deliberately distort the truth, and they probably believe that’s right for them. It’s their conscious choice.

You are always right, is a human characteristic, and is true for you all the time. It means you are always right, pure and simple. Yes, simple and easy to accept when you truly grasp what it means.

It is your truth now, but if you are open to other views, then your truth can change.

There are implications if you don’t understand this. When you do acknowledge it, then you have added possibilities of connecting with more people.

You are always right, but what you believe is right changes continuously based on new information that you receive all the time.

Appreciating you are always right is one small part of effective communication.

Proving You Are Always Right

It’s easy to prove you are always right, which is a human characteristic.

In my workshops, when I tell people, they’re always right, some respond with “No, I’m not always right.”

When I ask, and isn’t that your truth whether you say yes or no?

They laugh and understand what I mean by it.”  They acknowledge they are always right because they are making that choice.

In my experience, despite their acceptance at the time, people still struggle to integrate it into their belief system. I believe most will forget it, and only one or two will embrace it.

You see everybody is always right, is a human characteristic, whatever way you choose to see things. You communicate according to your beliefs, and you believe you are right unless of course, you decide to lie knowingly.

Effective communication improves when people appreciate they are always right.

The World has a Quandary

For several years now, I have believed our world has a dilemma because we do not appreciate you are always right, is a human characteristic. Most people have an I am right you must be wrong attitude.
The world is currently trapped with a predicament because it behaves as if there is only one truth. The media act as if they are always right. Our wonderful media love to parade experts in front of us as if they have the only truth and use people known as experts to prove their point.

Once upon a time, the media reported the news. No longer. They talk as if they are the experts on everything. They parade experts in front of us who support their views.

Their confrontational style of interviewing is growing all the time. It’s not surprising that the listeners are confused and often don’t know what it all means.

What we do know is that people choose one side or the other. The same confrontational style is increasing everywhere, and their decisions depend on what the people believe, based on the information that is available to them. In other words, they are right in their minds. You can see it on Facebook every day.

One thing we can see happening is division all around the world, and it’s roughly a 50/50 split. Whoever wins the debate, contest, or argument are guaranteed to be opposed by the other half.

I believe this is happening because people think they’re always right and have stopped listening. People don’t recognise that if they believe they’re always right then so does everybody else.

If you want to have effective communication, you must accept you are always right and therefore, so is everybody else.

Politicians Always Believe They Are Right

What is happening around the world is disturbing and humorous at the same time. Nevermore so, than with politicians of today.

In the US and the UK politics at the moment, everybody is spouting what they believe is the truth. It’s all about them and us. One side believes they are always right, while the other believes they are also always right.

It’s important to understand that everybody is always right and there isn’t only one answer. Currently, there is an antagonistic style of communication that doesn’t serve us.  Why can’t we all learn to cooperate for the benefit of all? Until we appreciate each individual has their view and accept this then this dilemma will never change.

If they step back and look and listen, they can learn to listen to each other with an open mind and avoid being tainted by their own belief. Instead, politicians currently push their truth on people rather than using effective communication. Many people with teams use the same tactics to their detriment.

Understand this, and then you can make informed decisions because you are capable of listening with an open mind to all sides without prior judgement.

It’s time to take responsibility for always being right, and understand what this implies if you desire effective communication. It isn’t a bad thing unless you become rigid in your position.

Why is it Important to Accept You Are Always Right?

Somebody says something, and you may agree, disagree, get upset or defend. You may get into an argument because you disagree. You may decide you don’t like the person who opposes your view you may feel hurt, and the list is endless.

Bottom line, when you get emotional about something somebody said or did, you react according to your personality.

And so, a simple communication can turn into a disaster from upset silence and even war all because you disagree. All because you are always right.

When you don’t allow others to have a different point of view to yours, you cannot be rational. One of the reactions stated above will come into play. You may end up arguing about something that isn’t even important to you.

Our beliefs are how we relate to life. If someone challenges one of your beliefs, it can sting you into action because your view is always right. It’s a human characteristic. We are developing our beliefs throughout our lives. It’s an ongoing process, although lots of people make some of their beliefs a permanent feature and nothing will change them. In some way, our beliefs are part of our survival kit. People have killed to defend their belief.

When you realise everybody is always right, it’s an opportunity to discuss differences and attempt to understand each other. Listening this way leads to effective communication. You believe you are right, but you now accept that they are right too.

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